So Now What?

The best thing you could possibly do to find the best wines in Australia and connect with the winemaker is to travel across the wine regions visiting cellar door after cellar door.

Unfortunately, we don't all have the time to do this as often as we might like.

Secret Bottle is the next best thing.

It took me a couple of years of thinking in the background about how we solve this problem of discovering the wines we love without buying a bottle.

There were plenty of wine clubs out there that I tried, but really no matter how much they claimed to "match" the wines to my preferred tastes it would always come down to a selection of a couple of good bottles, some ok ones and then the rest all just nothing I enjoyed.

The reality is that even if we know the styles of wine we like most until we crack open a bottle and taste it we can't judge it.

Winetasting was the only solution but how could we do this at home without buying a bottle?

I created Secret Bottle for two main reasons. 

1. No one should ever have to buy a bottle of wine they don't like, and you need to taste it first to truly know if you like the wine.

2. The small Aussie wine producer needs to be supported, and they need more people to try their wines and appreciate their work.

This is what Secret Bottle is all about.

Every month you can support the small guys and try 3 or 6 glasses of wine from real boutique Australian producers.

If you love the wines, you can order a bottle. If you don't like them, then you can learn about them with the tasting notes and expand your wine knowledge.

But we are only looking for the right people to join us on this journey.

Is this you?

1. I want to support the independent Aussie winemaker.
2. I love the journey of discovering new wines.
3. I want to expand my wine knowledge and have fun at the same time.
4. I only want to buy the bottles of wine I have tasted and know I love.

No / Yes