The Shiraz wine originated in the city of Shiraz, Iran. As early as the 9th century Shiraz was already known for the best wine in the middle east. However today no official Shiraz wine in produced in Iran, all grapes are used for table grapes and raisins.

Syrah is the French descendant of Shiraz grown around the world today, Australia is one of the few places growing Shiraz vines.

Known for its bold full-bodied flavours, medium tannins, Shiraz in firmly at the top of the mountains of Australian wines with Penfolds Grange ($800) and Henschke Hill of Grace ($700) and Torbrek The Laird ($750).

World Regions: USA (Napa), Chile, Australia (South Australia)

Glass: Tall narrower red, aromas directly to nose

Storage Temperature: 12-18 degrees

Serving Temperature: 18 degrees

Shiraz Grape


Flavour Characteristics: Bold and spicy, jammy fruit, aromas of leather

Tannin Level: Medium to High


Food Match: Roast Game

Sauce: Heavy, BBQ

Herb Match: Oregano, Sage

Dessert: Black Forrest cake, Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Cheese: Sharp Cheddar