How Many Grapes in a Bottle?

How Many Wine Grapes in a Bottle

Driving through the rolling country side of wine country seeing endless fields of vineyards have you asked yourself how many bottles of wine will this make? How many grapes are there in a bottle?

To tell this story of wine lets get straight into the numbers about the Australian wine industry and understand what goes into our bottles.

Australian Industry

Average Australian Vineyard is 0.5 square kilometers

Total Australian vineyard land 1,440 kilometers squared

1.67million tones of grapes crushed each year

835,000 tones of red grapes, 47% shiraz

834,000 tones of white grapes, 45% chardonnay

Vineyards On Average

1 acre has 1,075 vines

1 vine has 30-40 clusters

1 cluster has 100 grapes

The Bottle

600-800 individual grapes

Consider that to the standard kilo you could buy at the supermarket, 3-4 clusters per kilo at $9.90 per kilo. It would take 3 one kilo bags (or almost $30 in grapes) to make a single bottle.