Originating in France in Bordeaux its both a stand alone varietal and a blending grape due to its early ripening and soft fleshiness.

A common fruit arrow most wine regions, however two thirds of the world merlot is still grown in France. In the traditional “Bordeaux” blend merlot is added to give body and softness to the wine.

Merlot Wine Grape

World Regions: France, USA (west coast) and Australia

Glass: Large Red, bowl-shaped, allow wine to breathe

Storage Temperature: 12-18 degrees

Serving Temperature: 16 degrees


Flavour Characteristics: Easy to drink, Plums, Blackberries

Tannin Level: Medium-High


Food Match: BBQ Meat, Steak, Caramelised Onion

Sauce: Bearnaise, Bolognaise 

Herb Match: Rosemary, Mint

Dessert: Dark Chocolate, Berries

Cheese: Parmesan


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